Serving This Month

Serving in March 2018

Here are the people currently scheduled to serve in worship this month.

Elders Serving at the Lord’s Table

Date Event Bread Cup
March 4 Lent 3 * (Cheryl Gunter leads prayer) Pat Treat Mike Phillips
March 11 Lent 4 (Tracy Koontz leads prayer) Mike Phillips Cheryl Gunter
March 18 Lent 5 (Jayson Treat leads prayer) Pat Treat Jayson Treat
March 25 Palm Sunday (Mike Phillips leads prayer) Cheryl Gunter Tracy Koontz

Deacons Serving at the Lord’s Table

  • Paul Rabe
  • Brenda Treat
  • Substitute: Janet Sette

Volunteers for Sunday Preparations

Date Communion Prep Bagel & Donut Pickup
February Dale Harris Pat & Jay Treat


Please volunteer to provide flowers (or other worship center).

Date Sunday Flowers or Worship Center Occasion
March 4, Lent 3    
March 11 Lent 4    
March 18 Lent 5    
March 25 Palm Sunday    

For Other Months